We grow our indigenous grapes and produce our wines with a strong Sense of Place. This means respect for our long-standing tradition and for the generations to come. So, your bottle of Cyprus borne WINECORE wine, will reward you not only with its flavors and aromas, but also with its values. We invite you to join us in our journey to sustain.

Our Social and Human Capitals

Embedded in our tradition, ours is a small family viti- and viniculture, supporting and sustaining local wine communities. We thrive on an intentionally and traditionally diverse and equitable small economy, which protects its people and encourages the next generations to keep coming back.

Our Natural Capital

  • We preserve our biodiversity by focusing on and cultivating our native grape varieties with non-intensive practices. Cyprus’ isolation and warm climate with low summer rainfall, have protected our vineyards from most of the potentially devastating grape pests and diseases that affect other wine producing nations. Thus, ours is an environment with unique biosecurity. The absence of phylloxera has allowed us to cultivate own-rooted century-old vines.
  • We preserve our water resources and our soil, as our indigenous grapes are well suited to the local climate and require minimal to no irrigation. This helps us conserve our precious water resources. Cyprus’ climate allows us to use low intervention farming methods. Grapes are hand-picked due to our rugged terrain and to ensure top quality without the use for machinery. Our indigenous grapes also demand fewer carbon-intensive synthetic fertilizers.

Just to name Xynisteri, the above conditions and practices collectively, have established this Cypriot grape variety as one of the world's eco-friendliest, with an exceptionally low carbon footprint.