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About WineCore.

WINECORE was formed by seventeen wineries and wine visionaries. It was created out of our passion for wine and of our Cypriot wine heritage. WINECORE’s vision is to shape the future of viticulture in Cyprus, with high quality wines made from indigenous ungrafted grape varieties. 

Cypriot grape varieties are essential to us. Our fathers, traditional and “heroic” grape growers, have passed on to us their valuable knowledge and affection for the island’s unique terroir.

We are preserving this tradition and evolving the art of winemaking, with the mission of bringing iconic Cyprus wines and enjoyment to wine drinkers around the world. This vital wealth of nature is carefully passed on to the new generation of winemakers all around.

The Founders

Charalambos Panayiotou

Managing Director KEO plc

Costas and Marina Tsiakkas

Founders, Tsiakkas Winery

Costas Constantinou

Founder, Constantinou Winery

Daniel Anastasis

Founder, Santa Irene Winery

Giorgos Trypatsas

Founder, Aes Ambelis Winery

Giorgos, Yiannis and Iraklis Kyriakidis

Founders, Vasilikon Winery

Ioannis and Yiannoula Ioannides

Founders and Head Winemakers, Ayia Mavri Winery

Marcos Zambartas

Owner, Zambartas Winery

Marinos Pericleous

General Manager, Kamanterena Winery

Mr. Loukas Papaloucas

Founder, Papaloucas Winery (-2022)

Rebecca Argyrides

Director and Head Winemaker, Argyrides Winery

Savvas Fakoukakis

Founder and Head Winemaker, Dafermou Estate

Sofoklis Vlassides

Founder and Head Winemaker, Vlassides Winery

Theo Theoharis

Executive Chairman, Agoge Ventures

Theodoros Fikardos

Founder, Fikardos Winery